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Sunday, 29 January 2012

A healthy start...

2011 for me brought some answers but also some hard times as far as my health and diet are concerned. I was initially diagnosed with Coeliac's disease and a lactose intolerance, which for a foodie like me was a huge upset to my daily food intake! Then just before Christmas I also was diagnosed with an under-active thyroid, not the worst thing in the world, but not the best either!
But now on daily medication and with an under-active metabolism, maintaining or losing weight has been near impossible and the cravings for gluten products still haunt me! So that brings me to my new healthy start.

So this morning I started and the first week for me is a simple clean out...back to basics fresh veggies either raw or steamed, water and green tea.  Then continuing on with the support and resources of the beautiful Rhian at Lose Baby Weight! Super excited.

As for exercise I am trying out some different options to keep it interesting; bootcamp once a week, hot yoga once a week and then some swimming.

So I will keep you updated on my progress and recipes along the way.

Wish me luck!!


  1. Yay Bianca! Can't wait to hear how you go - well done for doing something so positive xx

  2. Hope it all goes well for you Bianca - I used to nag at my daughter to have a 'proper' breakfast, now we all start with a fruit smoothie - we all have so much more energy :)

  3. Good luck Bianca! I'm going to join you (again!!) Need to Lose this baby weight...which has now become toddler weight!

  4. I started lose baby weight TODAY! I will be pleased to have someone to talk to along the way.

  5. fantastic ladies, I look forward to hearing about your progress!