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Monday, 9 January 2012

Heidi's first birthday

This time last year the raining felt like it would never end and for so so many it caused complete devastation. We where fortunate enough not to be living in a flood affected area and had just arrived home with our newborn baby girl, Heidi.
Within hours of arriving home my beautiful friend Naomi from came and took some amazing pictures

But now a year has passed and we have just celebrated her first birthday with a fun day at the pool (!


  1. Hi Bianca - wow, the photos are adorable. I can't believe another year has gone - it's just crazy. My eldest son turns 11 on Monday - I'm seriously freaking out - when did that happen. I remember when he was turning 1. Then what really freaks me out is when I think of my youngest turning 11, my eldest will be hitting the big 20. Argh......make it all slow down....please.

  2. Oooh sweet :)
    Happy 1st Birthday Cutie-Pie! I can't believe she's 1 just feels like last month that you announced her birth :)

  3. Those photos are absolutely gorgeous. What a cutie. My one regret was not having professional photos of the girls done when they were newborns. Mind you, there's still LOTS of beautiful shots archived.
    Happy first birthday to your gorgeous girl. :)

  4. super cute photos! I'm with Kellie - I have lots of gorgeous shots of my two toddler girls from when they were born, but I regret not taking it up a notch with some professional shots... mind you , I don't regret it enough to get pregnant again though - ha ha!