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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Super Proud!

Today we started our 24hr auction to help raise money and awareness for the cause that took beautiful little Stella way before her time. And WOW!! People are bidding and bidding great amounts. Since I started the process of donating to Stella and her family to today's auction I have been overwhelmed with emails, comments, donations, gifts and everything in-bewteen. AMAZING! I am completely blown away with the generosity and effort of so many people so quickly. 

So this is a MASSIVE thank you to all involved from both myself and Stella's mother Chelsea. We are so very pleased you could help to make Stella's memory live on not only for her family but in the hearts of so many others. Now having watched Chelsea's story, I will never take mine or my children's health for granted. 

On a personal note my eldest daughter Claudia who is 3 and 1/2 years old has been very interested in all the work I have been doing for Stella and every time I have a picture on my screen of Stella, she will ask who is that?  and so I have explained it all to her. Then on our recent trip to Melbourne, in the plane Claudia had the window seat, she turned to my husband and said "mummy I can't see Stella, which cloud is she on?"!!
Then this morning I was getting all the items together for the auction and Claudia asked who's dress I had and I said it is for Stella and she replied "are you sending it to the cloud?" 
Children and family is so precious so please love and enjoy every minute you have with them. xxx

Big love to the Marshall family your strength amazes me. xxx

Chelsea with her beautiful Stella 


  1. I LOVE the story about your gorgeous daughter Claudia xxxxxx
    Children's thought process is just beautiful and so full of innocence x
    Thank you again for all you and Jen have done x