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Friday, 29 June 2012


Brave is defiantly a word I relate to when thinking about my choice to sell peekaboo. It took courage to take the finally jump, putting my baby out there in the world for someone else to love.

I am incredibly happy to announce that peekaboo has found a new happy home and next week will continue its incredible journey under the careful guidance of it's new mother. (Stay tuned for the media release next week)

Peekaboo has been nothing short of amazing. I started with a piece of paper and a pen on my kitchen bench and today I have successfully printed ten titles over three years and three states. The ups have been enlightening and downs have been constructive. Probably one of the nicest parts of the peekaboo journey has been the people I have met and life long friends I have made.
A massive thank you to everyone that supported my vision at the start and took a punt on advertising with us. I will be forever grateful.

Lastly a huge thank you to my team you made peekaboo a better place, I will miss working with you guys.

So here is to a sad good bye and a wonderful new hello.


Bianca xxxx

Please feel free to come visit me at my new home Green Bananas - Business Mentoring

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